Yarra Valley

The first Yarra Valley property at Long Gully Rd was purchased in 1997. Planting commenced shortly after. Since that time the property has been closely monitored with some grafting and replanting to fine tune the layout of varieties within the site. Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are currently available.

The Heathcote property was purchased in 2002 and it adjoins winemaker Mario Marson’s property. The construction of the winery was completed in 2003.

This property is situated at the start of the Mt Camel ranges north of the Great Divide. The vines are all grown on the famed Cambrian soil, which has produced some world renowned wines. The vineyard was planted with Shiraz and a Cabernet blend.

In 2003 a second Yarra Valley property was purchased on Old Healesville Road and planting commenced immediately. This will partner the Long Gully Rd vineyard in the production of the same varieties. Clonal diversity is important and ongoing plantings will see the Cabernet develop into a more diverse style blend.

The diverse selection of pinot clones includes MV6,114 115 and 777. Chardonnay clones include Bernard selections.

The development of all properties will be an ongoing exercise with the aim to capture the very best expression of site and variety.


About the owner – Stefano Stefani

Stefano Stefani

Stefano Stefani comes from the rolling hills of Tuscany where his grandfather owned a vineyard and was an avid collector of fine wines. Stefano came to Australia in 1985 and his dream was to continue in his grandfather’s footsteps in this new land.

Business success enabled he and his wife Rina to make this dream a reality with the purchase of the first property in the Yarra Valley.

Stefano is passionate about producing good quality wine and celebrating life generously with his family and friends.



About the winemaker – Peter Mackey

Stefano Stefani

Peter has been involved with wineries since his childhood in New Zealand. He studied winemaking at EIT Hawke Bay NZ and has broadened his experience working in various countries including USA, France, South Africa, Argentina, the UK, Chile and China.

In March 2013 Peter took on the position of Winemaker at Stefani Estate and overlooks the running of both vineyards in Healesville and Heathcote. He is keen to bring his expertise to Stefani Estate focusing on producing premium wines. All production from crushing of the grapes to labelling and packaging of the bottled wine is carried out at the winery: 122 long Gully Road Healesville.