Olive Oil

Stefani Olive Oil

Stefani Estate has approximately 3000 trees planted in the Heathcote & Healesville vineyards.

In 2016 we harvested a bountiful crop with good quality fruit.
This year we have changed our packaging from glass bottles to food-grade 500ml tins.
Research shows that this is the best available packaging to protect the extra virgin olive oil from light, heat and moisture.

This maintains the quality of the oil for a longer time.



This year we have produced two varieties of olive oil:

Yarra Valley Frantoio

Blend of walnut, artichoke and rocket flavours.
Free Fatty Acid 0.25g% Oleic acid
Best Before April 2020

Heathcote Leccino

Herbaceous peppery sage flavours
Free Fatty Acid 0.16 g% Oleic acid
Best Before April 2020